Avatar in 3D. Starring: your new outfit!

Computing performance personalizes online fashion shopping experience

The Textile and Fashion industries are the second largest industrial sector in the world, second only to the food industry. The fashion and textile industries have been moving gradually from completely a manual process of garment design (using scissors and cardboards) to computer aided design which makes the process easier, faster, more accurate and cheaper. The online fashion shopper now also stands to benefit from the computer technology!

OptiTex has developed a comprehensive 3D visualization tool for the sewn products market to be used on all stages of garment design – and also at the online fashion store portals! The customer can create a precisely personalized avatar to try out the cloths “virtually”, with reliable visual experience. The 3D simulation program is so sophisticated that it can show how specific fabrics will drape, so that when the avatar moves, the customer sees how the garment looks, moves, and “behaves”.

OptiTex and Intel have joined efforts to optimize their software solution in order to get maximum performance on Intel’s platform with OptiTex products/3D simulation program. The 3D simulation program incorporates smart math and realistic modeling, because of this, the software is CPU-intensive. With the help of Intel, OptiTex managed to enable its 3D application to run on the latest Intel® Xeon® processor 5680 and multithreaded by means of OpenMP and Intel Threading Building Blocks. To this date, the optimizations yielded a 14x performance boost of the crucial kernels. The joint effort of Intel and OptiTex aimed at optimizing the solution to get maximum performance on Intel’s platform.

In the near future, a server farm running OptiTex solution will enable a convenient online shopping and online virtual garment fitting system for billions of customers to enjoy “well-tailored” online shopping without a trip to the apparel stores.

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  1. Business Process Automation says:

    Very neat, but I think people might still want to feel the fabric? Thanks for sharing!