My Device Knows Me

In his keynote at IDF, Justin Rattner described Intel’s vision for the future of television, an experience that will be more informative, more ubiquitous, more personalized, and more social. Researchers Mark Yarvis and Rita Wouhaybi describe a research prototype that provides a personalized entertainment experience across all of your devices. The experience begins with your set-top-box, which identifies your presence based on wireless communication with your cell phone, smart phone, or MID. The set top box can then personalize itself to you, displaying a personalized list of content, selected from broadcast television, prerecorded content, and streaming media. This list is tailored to you using information gathered from the devices that you interact with continuously throughout the day: your PC, your set-top-box, and your mobile device. Working together, these devices can understand your habits, what you are doing, what you are interested in, and how much time you have in your schedule. This same information can be used to select advertisements that would be most informative and interesting to you. The result is an experience that more closely matches your interests and lifestyle.

Justin will expand on this topic at the TV 3.0 Summit in Los Angeles today.

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