Ray Tracing Update: Now with even more 3D!

This is my third time being at the Research@Intel Day. Every year Intel highlights the great research projects showing off futuristic technology that could make it one day into your office or even your living room.

On the ray tracing side we are demonstrating this time an enhanced version of “Quake Wars: Ray Traced“, based on the game “Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars” from id Software and Splash Damage. Our latest build has enhanced support for dynamic objects. In the past having many animated objects in a ray tracer was considered a problem due to the usage of internal data structures that would need costly recalculations with every animation step. Through further research that resulted in significant progress in that area we are now able to present a game level with over 500 monsters on it and also a highly detailed polygonal water simulation with 3D waves.

Besides that we also show this demo on a stereoscopic 3D display. That way the user can stand in front of the monitor and get real depth perception from the rendered game. No glasses required!

Due to progress in the hardware and faster processors our main demo system has changed from a big server system (4x Intel Xeon X7460, “Dunnington”, 2.66 GHz) to a fast workstation system (2x Intel Xeon W5580, “Nehalem EP”, 3.2 GHz). With that system we are able to achieve around 16 frames per second at a resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

One Response to Ray Tracing Update: Now with even more 3D!

  1. Kal says:

    It is really impressive! Back in the last century when I was more implicated with Intel I saw the beinning of this happening, now I am glad and happy Intel is able to provide systems that allow the system to be seamlessly more fluid and the RT technology is mature enough to develop tools that will help the Humanity in medical research or building industry…gaming is fun; we have things to do to contribute on a better life for all! Thanks for listening.