Get Out the Tech Vote at CES

From Jan. 6-13, Intel will be hosting a short survey at CES, asking industry experts, thought leaders, and consumers – in other words YOU – to respond to few survey questions soliciting your thoughts on the top technology initiatives for President-elect Obama’s new administration and its first-ever Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Considering that the new administration takes over in just two weeks and promises to make the historic appointment of the nation’s first CTO, now is the right time to get out the tech vote and help shape the top technology initiatives for the new President.

The survey will focus on four areas where technology plays a critical role: broadband, education, environment and healthcare. The results of the survey will be summarized and included in a letter from me to Obama’s new CTO to highlight what technology issues are top priorities.

Please take the “Get Out the Tech Vote 2009” survey this week either in the Intel booth at CES (Central Hall #7153) or simply go online and let your voice be heard. The Internet helped elect the new President. Let’s use it to help guide technology policy for the nation’s future.

Yes We Can.

Justin R. Rattner

Vice President and Senior Fellow

Intel Chief Technology Officer

3 Responses to Get Out the Tech Vote at CES

  1. Alison Wesley says:

    Glad to see Intel is participating – and leading – the conversation about the enablement role technology can play in today’s world.
    During the election, it was exciting to see how social media/the Internet changed the way we could learn about and participate in the political process. Having an Obama CTO, I hope, will continue the focus on exploring and encouraging tech innovation.
    This is quite timely, as well, because the NYTimes yesterday stated that Obama is expected to name the new CTO tomorrow (Wed) – go to