It takes a village

The recent silicon photonics avalanche photodetector announcement is an excellent example of how industry and academia, working together, can achieve breakthrough results. Combining the expertise of industry engineers and researchers with the knowledge of universities allows for greater advances.

I had the opportunity to talk with Yimin Kang, senior researcher at Intel, and Han-din Liu, a student intern from University of Illinois, in the photonics lab at our Santa Clara site. Here is the video clip of Yimin and Han-din explaining potential applications of the APD.

For the perspective of our university partners, I was able to speak with Chancellor Yang and Dean Tirrell at the beautiful University of California – Santa Barbara campus. I also had the opportunity to tour the Energy Efficiency Institute lab and speak with Prof. John Bower.

To be honest, sometimes the technical aspects of the research that I am privy to at Intel is a little over my head. But after speaking with John, Yimin, Han-din and Wissim I have a much better understand of why this breakthrough is so important.

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