Researcher named Rising Star by Sigcomm

Congratulations to Konstantina (Dina) Papagiannaki, senior researcher at the Intel Research Pittsburgh lab, who was named ACM SIGCOMM “Rising Star”. Each year, ACM recognizes a

young researcher – an individual no older than 35 – who has made

outstanding research contributions to the field of communication networks

during this early part of their career.


Dina’s research focuses on the design and planning of IP networks and the development of efficient algorithms for their management and operation. Since 2000, she has published 46 papers in premier events in her field, has submitted six patent applications and she has recently achieved the important milestone of having a book published on her work on the design, measurement and management of large scale IP networks. Throughout the past 8 years Dina has been working in the intersection between academic and industrial research. While of academic interest her research has targeted practical systems that address problems commonly observed in real networks.

She has studied the problem of traffic classification in the Internet and continues to develop algorithms targeted to improve the performance of networking technologies, as is that of 802.11 networks. She has worked on algorithms for more efficient handoff across 801.11 Access Points, for the optimization of dense 802.11 wireless networks through frequency selection, user association and power control.

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