Research Takes a Flying Leap into the Future

Ever wonder where ideas for technologies like USB, 802.11n, PCI, or Serial ATA come from? Or maybe you’ve heard of the free application MashMaker that lets you create your own version of Web pages combining the information you want from multiple sites into one, putting it all together at once on your computer screen. Many of them had their genesis in Intel’s R&D labs.

We often have our own “science fairs” at Intel, for sharing research internally with product groups. But once a year we open our doors to media, giving the public a glimpse into Intel and the potential for technology near and far-out future. That event is coming up on June 11th and we’ll be creating an online experience here at this blog and in the special press room site. There will be plenty of photos and videos to feel like you were there which will be updated in coming week and in real time on June 11th.

This year the event is at the Computer History Museum. It’s a pretty massive showing of more than 75 projects demonstrating the latest in technology innovation from researchers. After Justin Rattner (Intel’s CTO) welcomes everyone, the media will set set out to go find the “next big thing” among the demonstrations in areas such as: “green” technology, robotics, scientific discovery, healthcare, the latest in mobility and microprocessor innovation that continues to push the innovation envelope.

We have a few passes for bloggers in the Bay Area, so if you are a blogger reading this, please let me know if you are interested in the comment section by June 9, and I’ll follow up with you. Tom Foremski of SiliconValleyWatcher , Hubert Nguyen of Ubergizmo and others are planning to be there.

This video gives a taste for how Intel boldly approaches research and how projects actually play a vital role in the future success of next generation computer chips and the industry as a whole with standards.

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