Gary Martz on “Cliffside” Wireless PAN technology

On the eve of the Intel Developer Forum, Intel held briefings for the press today talking about the latest mobility research effort, which internally is being called Carry Small, Live Large. As part of that briefing, we showed off a new technology demonstration coming from our Mobile Products Group that I captured some video of and thought I’d post since many aren’t able to attend this event in Shanghai.

If you haven’t read Intel Senior Fellow Kevin Kahn’s blog about Carry Small, Live Large, you should check it out here. In a nutshell, Intel researchers want you to carry something as small as a Mobile Internet Device (which will only keep getting smaller) yet not lose the capabilities you currently have with your larger laptop-like device (DVD drive, USB ports for printers, CE device connection, large screen, …etc). The research projects are focused on how to accomplish this with form factors, energy efficiency, context awareness, sensors and others. “Cliffside” is a development effort specifically aimed at enabling your notebook and MID devices to communicate with and leverage other devices in the environment, so you can still “live large”.

“Cliffside” enables a single Wi-Fi adapter to function like two independent Wi-Fi adapters. This technology provides the wireless connections so you could synch your MP3 and video files without a USB cable, directly and wirelessly connect your notebook to your TV to view HD movies, have wireless connections to your personal Wi-Fi devices in your home office while having a VPN connection on your WLAN to your corporate network, or connect to other notebooks to share files and chat even when an AP isn’t available. The benefit of this technology comes from enabling Centrino users to be able to simultaneously have a connection to a WLAN (BSS) while also having a Wi-Fi Personal Area Network (BSS Wi-Fi PAN) with up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices connected directly to their Centrino notebook. Wi-Fi PAN technology delivers direct wireless connections for synchronization and consumption of media content and files between your Centrino notebook and other Wi-Fi enabled devices such as notebooks, MIDs, MP3 players, cameras, TVs, printers, portable game players, game consoles and projectors.

Check out the video below video to see “Cliffside” working in action:

Gary Martz is a Marketing Producet Manager with Intel’s WiFi Personal Area Network Technology group.

One Response to Gary Martz on “Cliffside” Wireless PAN technology

  1. radoslav h. says:

    Wow, this is great. I am really amazed that using wifi at full potential is so limited. MS managed to create virtual wifi but its not configurable by most human beings. Or Asus came with AP-mode for wifi but thats not really what we want especially when it keeps freezing up.
    Thanks Intel, next computer will definitely be an Inter-based computer with Centrino platform.