Welcome from the Intel CTO

Welcome to the new Research@Intel blog. I am pleased to open this new blog as a way to keep you informed on what is going on in our research labs. Through this forum, you will hear from some of the best minds in today’s high technology research. You will get their insights on today’s technology, what is coming in the near future and what they are only able to dream of today.

Many of these experts represent microprocessor research — the core of what has made Intel what it is today. However, I think you’ll be surprised at the vast array of research underway at Intel. Through this forum, you will hear from experts in such diverse areas as radio architecture, software, energy efficiency, information security and human activity inferencing.

In my first post on my ZDNet Over the Horizon blog nearly one year ago to the day, I mentioned that Intel’s corporate site did not have blogs. Well, as a company, we realized the value of direct interaction with those who are passionate about the platforms that we deliver. This blog enables that level of dialog between our researchers and the broader research community as well as the user community.

I want this blog to encourage you to think beyond today’s technologies. It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t have phones and televisions in our cars. It may not be long until we’re directing our avatars in a virtual world while our cars drive themselves. A scary proposition, wouldn’t you say?

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