Updates to Tianocore, an open source UEFI community

For years, Intel has hosted an open source UEFI implementation at tianocore.org. Now that community is getting a big upgrade.

The UEFI Forum held a UEFI Plugfest last month in Taipei. Plugfest events have been a critical part of the UEFI ecosystem since the first specification was published over ten years ago, allowing vendors to quickly test against multiple firmware implementations. Over time, the educational side of these events has come to the forefront, so developers can learn about what’s new in the world of firmware.

Seems like the perfect venue to introduce Tony Mangefeste, the new community manager for tianocore.org. Even though Tianocore has established EDK II as the main open source implementation for UEFI, there’s always room for improvement. Tony’s goal is to upgrade infrastructure and bring more benefits of open development to tianocore.org.

Tianocore Roadm

Tony outlined these changes and goals for the future in his UEFI Plugfest presentation, which is available at the UEFI Learning Center. This covers everything from migration to github and implementing a Bugzilla database, to establishing a regular release cadence and posting a public development roadmap. There’s also a push to put more platform firmware projects, like Intel Galileo, into the EDK II github tree.

All of this is part of a push to make sure EDK II is a source for production quality firmware code, powered by a robust open source community. The UEFI Forum defines a specification, but not any specific implementation, so a community like Tianocore helps build a UEFI firmware solution based on open principles.

Hopefully Tony will be joining me on the Intel Evangelists blog to talk more about these changes. Until then, check out his UEFI plugfest presentation to see how this community can build the future of firmware development.

Brian Richardson

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Brian Richardson is a senior technical marketing engineer. He’s spent most of his career as a ?BIOS guy,” working on the firmware that quietly boots billions of computers. Brian has focused on the industry transition to the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), demystifying how firmware works and simplifying firmware development tools. He also produces videos for Intel’s YouTube channel, and is a frequent presenter at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF).

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