Intel open source graphics drivers now support Vulkan

Today I am proud to share that Intel is among a select group of leading graphics platform suppliers with Vulkan* 1.0 drivers certified by the Khronos Group Consortium.

Vulkan is the new generation of completely open standard APIs offering high-efficiency access to graphics and compute on modern GPUs. The Vulkan APIs were defined through collaboration among a wide range of graphics experts, including Intel. This new design provides the direct access to GPU acceleration that application developers have long demanded, and allows them fine-grain control to maximize performance and provide uniform user experience across different GPUs and operating environments.

This is an important milestone for the industry, and Intel is pleased to support this new technology by providing industry-certified drivers for multiple generations of Intel graphics platforms, all readily available to developers and end users. These platforms include 5th Generation Intel Core Processors and 6th Generation Intel Core Processors. Today’s announcement is just the beginning of Intel’s commitment and comprehensive support for Vulkan APIs.

Intel Open Source Graphics Drivers continue to be among the most widely deployed driver stacks in the industry. They are integrated seamlessly into Linux* PC client distributions, Google Chromebooks*, and Valve’s SteamOS* serving tens of millions of PC users. With today’s certifications, the Intel Open Source 3D Graphics Driver adds technology leadership to its impressive capabilities.

Imad Sousou

About Imad Sousou

Imad Sousou is vice president in the Software and Services Group at Intel Corporation and general manager of the Intel Open Source Technology Center, a position he's held since its founding in 2003. Sousou is responsible for Intel's efforts in open source software across a wide range of technologies and market segments, including enterprise Linux and related technologies such as virtualization, data center, and cloud software; embedded market segments; and client Linux programs. The Center also focuses on operating system (OS) stacks, including Android and Chrome OS for Intel architecture and Yocto, in addition to Linux kernel and related projects, user experience, and Web and HTML5 technologies on top of client operating systems. He sits on the board of directors at the OpenStack Foundation and is on the advisory board for the Core Infrastructure Initiative at The Linux Foundation. Sousou joined Intel in 1994 as a senior software engineer. Before moving into his current role, he was director of telecom software programs in the Intel Communications Group and director of client software engineering in the Home Products Group. He began his career as a software engineer at Central Point Software working on system utilities for the Apple Mac OS. Sousou holds a bachelor degree in computer science and mathematics from Portland State University.

17 Responses to Intel open source graphics drivers now support Vulkan

  1. Alex says:

    Hello Imad.

    A question and a comment.

    Are Nvidias cards in laptops with Optimus( Intel GPU+Nvidia GPU) that are compatible with Vulkan( Kepler series and newer) configuration affected by Intel decision to support or not their own GPU with Vulkan drivers too?

    In short is Nvidia GPU capability to play Vulkan content also dependent on an Intel Vulkan driver for the Intel GPU?

    If that the case i hope that Intel honors the partnership they have with Nvidia and the clients of both products and also provides Vulkan drivers to all Intel GPUs that are employed with Kepler cards.

    Best regards


  2. volpe says:

    Where is vulkan windows driver?, why there isn’t any kin of announcement?, this questions has not been answered on any forum I’ve been

  3. foo says:

    The kinda sad thing is that Intel open-source drivers are better than the other open-source drivers. And Intel only has integrated graphics…
    This is the main reason I don’t have a discreet card.

  4. Johnny says:

    When will the Drivers for Intel Graphics HD 4000 be released for Windows 10? Any comments about this? Even for other Intel cards and integrated solutions???

  5. Rey Griswell says:

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