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Ransomware Protections5

Fighting Back Against Ransomware

Ransomware is a specific type of attack which involves malware that encrypts files and extorts money from victims.  It is quickly becoming a favorite among cyber criminals because it is easy to develop, simple to execute, and does a very … Read more >

Virtuous Cycle

Three reasons why developers should care about OpenStack

Why should developers care about OpenStack? Does it really affect their work adding features, debugging code, improving performance, generally pleasing their customers? (Or at least making them less pissed off). Sure, cloud computing is a Big Deal. But isn’t the … Read more >


Intel is innovating to stop cyber attacks

Intel, in partnership with Microsoft, has published a technology preview, showing how innovation in silicon architecture can help protect against advanced code-reuse attack techniques.  This is an example of how brilliant minds across the industry can think long-term, to make … Read more >

Intel release new technology specifications to protect against ROP attacks

Intel has a long history of working with the software community and making strides in strengthening protections of operating systems and software running on modern computer systems. As these protections came into effect, adversaries started looking for creative alternatives to bypass … Read more >

IoT testing with Simics, robot arm, and cloud

How Wind River uses Simics to test massive IoT networks – and more!

Just like Intel, Wind River has a large internal user base for Wind River Simics*. Simics is a very useful tool for embedded system developers and testers, and Wind River recently published a case study describing some of the internal … Read more >


Finding a kernel 1-2-3 bug by running Wind River Simics on Simics

I must admit that I love stories about bugs, strange and unexpected software behaviors, and debugging. They provide comic relief and drama in the supposedly dry world of software development. .  While other bugs turn out to be as elusive … Read more >