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Sustainable Thinking – Outside the Box

This blog was posted on behalf of Rachel Sutherland, Communications and Media Relations Manager for Intel’s Chandler, Ariz. site.  She is responsible for defining and implementing communications strategies to tell the story of Intel’s presence in Arizona. She also contributes … Read more >

Bite-sized CSR: Adding 200,00 new “workers” to our Folsom site!

200,000 worker bees that is! On a sunny Friday in May 2012, five bee boxes at our Intel Folsom site. Emma and Raphael Hitzke, two Intel employees, got interested in the fate of honeybees a few years back when they were … Read more >

One Intel Employee’s Deep Dive

When Intel’s Ken Brown says he’s doing a deep dive, that’s precisely what he means. Ken–he’s the guy in the black flippers–has been spearheading a remarkable undersea photography project. (And Intel support has been pivotal. More on that in a … Read more >