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On the Cutting Edge of CSR: Intel Rural Connectivity Platform

The cutting edge of CSR is the tangible intersection of social improvement and business opportunity. I see the example of Intel’s Rural Connectivity Platform as one of the most real examples of that cutting edge. -Dave This entry was first … Read more >

Profile: Wendy Hawkins

Wendy Hawkins is Executive Director of the Intel Foundation. The Intel Foundation is active worldwide, awarding grants totaling approximately $40 million each year and focusing on STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), increasing opportunities for girls, women, and under-represented … Read more >

So…Where have I been? Even I’m hard pressed to answer that.

Good question. Buried, and I mean buried in work. This is report season for those of us working on sustainability reports. Couple that with recent work on the Intel’s annual report, proxy statement, communication strategies, annual strategy revisions, external commitments, … Read more >

Leadership or Change Management?

Which is the more valuable skill in driving tangible improvements in CSR performance? I had the opportunity to speak to a group of professionals at a new course offered by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship last week. The … Read more >