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How do we know if our students are gaining the skills they need to be successful in the 21st Century?

…and what do we do about it…? The world is continuously changing – and it is critical that education systems change as well. Countries worldwide increasingly recognize that transforming their educational system is crucial for global competitiveness. Access to quality education … Read more >

Live from Copenhagen: the importance of Eco-Tech

Dateline Copenhagen, December 10, 2009. What an experience to represent Intel and the IT industry at this amazing forum. I’m here to discuss the role of ICT (information and communications technology) in reducing CO2 emissions in a variety of forums, … Read more >

The data behind ICT and climate change

On Nov 25th, my colleague Stephen Harper blogged about the role of Information Communications Technology (ICT) in combating climate change, and outlined some policies that Intel, through DESC, are pursuing to allow the solutions potential of ICT to be realized. … Read more >

Reporting from the Clinton Global Initiative

I had the pleasure of being in New York this week with Intel Chairman Craig Barrett for our participation in the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting and several other events related to the UN General Assembly. It was an … Read more >

Profile: Julie Clugage

Julie Clugage is the Alliances Manager for the Emerging Markets Platform Group at Intel, where she works with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), development agencies, foundations and governments to scale Intel’s efforts to improve education through the effective use of technology. In … Read more >