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Intel Employees Code and Do Good

24 hours. That’s how long it took one of the Intel Code for Good hackathon teams to develop a functioning mobile app for World Pulse, a nonprofit dedicated to helping girls and women have a greater voice in more than … Read more >

Deep Dive on CSR in China (Part II): Hope amid the ruins, employee engagement, and pandas

After two very busy and productive days in Beijing, I traveled together with our China CSR manager C.Y. to visit our operations in Chengdu and the surrounding area. Intel has been operating in Chengdu since 2005, and we have around … Read more >

What does an engaged employee even look like?

Saw this post today from Chris Jarvis on a recent study about best practices in engaging your employees around environmental sustainability initiatives. The top finding? Companies that have stated environmental policies are most likely to have their employees implement eco-initiatives … Read more >