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What do cheetahs and technology have in common?

Did you know that in Namibia, Africa – 25 million acres of land are choked by invasive thorn bushes, which then make agriculture impossible and alter the water cycle thereby threatening life for humans and animals, like the cheetah? And … Read more >

CSR Ratings – Are Four Lists Better Than Three?

Some days, it seems that there are more rating lists on corporate responsibility out there than we can count. (For an example, check out Dave Stangis’ blog post a few days ago on the latest Harris Interactive Reputation list.) That’s … Read more >

A Special Night for Intel: Willam O. Douglas Corporate Achievement Award

Every so often someone will tell me my job sounds glamorous – those people usually aren’t lawyers and rarely work for large corporations. The fact is that as General Counsel a lot of my time is spent dealing with a … Read more >

Mr. Otellini Goes to Washington — 84,000 employees and One Million Hours strong.

Just like Intel squeezing 47 Million transistors into one Intel Atom processor, we sent just one man to the White House to represent our 84,000 employees being honored today for Intel’s commitment to volunteerism. http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2008/04/20080429-5.wm.v.html Paul Otellini — our CEO … Read more >

On the Cutting Edge of CSR: Intel Rural Connectivity Platform

The cutting edge of CSR is the tangible intersection of social improvement and business opportunity. I see the example of Intel’s Rural Connectivity Platform as one of the most real examples of that cutting edge. -Dave This entry was first … Read more >