Climate Change – It’s Time for Action

November marks the 20th anniversary of my tenure with Intel. As I look back it’s amazing and humbling to realize how quickly time moves on both in our personal and professional lives. My first job at Intel was to build air emissions models for our newest technology – Intel’s state-of-the-art Pentium® products. A key driver behind the effort was to better understand our greenhouse gas emissions and what we could do to curb their impact. A few short years later, Intel, the semiconductor industry and the U.S. EPA developed a first of a kind voluntary initiative to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from semiconductor manufacturing. By 2010 we had successfully reduced our emissions below 1995 levels while growing our revenues and operations multiple fold. We were off and running.

Fast forward to today and our work continues. Today, in conjunction with the White House and other leading companies, we have announced a Climate Pledge to further reduce our carbon footprint through direct emission reductions, energy conservation, investments in renewable energy, green buildings and energy efficient products. In addition, we believe there is an opportunity to further reduce our collective carbon footprint by driving efficiencies in buildings, infrastructure, commerce and many other applications through the integration of IT solutions. The time for climate action is now. We welcome all to join us on the journey.

2 Responses to Climate Change – It’s Time for Action

  1. Madhu Madhavan says:

    Are we still considering new ideas/plans or the plans have already been made to further reduce the carbon footprint in the future?

  2. Michael Nacey says:

    I am taking a short course on climate change at the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement. Wednesday 12/2/2015 I will make a brief presentation on Intel’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reduce its carbon footprint.

    Would you send or email a summary of Intel’s plan if one is available? My address is:
    Michael Nacey—770 Boylston Street 26 I—Boston, MA 02199