Bite-sized CSR: Adding 200,00 new “workers” to our Folsom site!

200,000 worker bees that is!

On a sunny Friday in May 2012, five bee boxes at our Intel Folsom site. Emma and Raphael Hitzke, two Intel employees, got interested in the fate of honeybees a few years back when they were working on a documentary film called “Vive La Food!” about two French Chefs in Sacramento. As part of the research, they explored the local food system and saw firsthand the importance of honeybees. They went on and made another fiction film called “BEE” that focused on honeybees. Besides installing bee boxes on the Folsom campus, the team organized in May a very well received beekeeping class for Intel employees.

The project is being funded through the Intel “Sustainability in Action” grant program. Through this program, employees can apply for funding for innovative environmental projects. Employees are encouraged to include external stakeholders in their projects, and many focus their efforts on addressing environmental issues in their local communities.

In 2011, we provided funding for nine employee projects—including the installation of a rainwater harvesting project at a school in Israel, recycling of plastic reels from our manufacturing process to create pencil boxes to donate to local schools in Arizona, and sustainability discussions with students in Oregon schools.

For more information, read our 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report.




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