Health & Wellness at our LEED-silver center in Costa Rica

I’ve been working at Intel for over 11 years now, and I’m continuously amazed by the great opportunity we have to make an impact on our communities and our world – and it’s all part of our strategy: care for our people, the planet, and inspire the next generation.

An example I wanted to share is our LEED-certified wellness center: a building designed to reduce energy and water consumption, and a space to promote physical wellness and activities to Intel’s employees (such as physical therapy, dancing, games and even massages and nutritionist guidance).

I never had time to exercise before – you know, a full-time job plus two small kids and family activities take up most of your time, and by the time you’re done, what you want to do is… well, nothing else. But it’s not a sustainable life style, so I worked the new wellness center into my schedule: drop my kids off at school, come to Intel, exercise, take a nice shower and then work until is time to go home to do homework and house chores.

What surprised me is that my energy levels have increased – instead of feeling more tired, I could even stay awake after putting my kids to bed to chat a little with my husband. Throughout the day I am more focused on my job, and I’ve even lost some inches from my waist!

Then I realized… it makes sense; investing in “our people, the planet and inspire the next generation” could also mean that I, as a worker, am more energetic, healthy and focused, and the planet is more in balance through the use of less resources (almost half of the energy for the wellness center comes from solar panels, skylights and natural lighting, and the efficient water system saves 44% of the overall water consumption of the building) and I’m inspiring my kids to follow an example of a more balanced and healthy life style. Once again, Intel proves to me that it is a Great Place to Work.

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  1. Would love to visit next time I am in Costa Rica; our son lives there and our property is in the Central Valley – terrific report. Best, Jan Morgan President, CSRwire

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