Recognizing Employee Diversity

Recently while walking in a parking lot with my brother, he stopped to observe the adhesive material of a stop sign.  He spent several minutes observing this stop sign as if it were a piece of art.  He detailed the type material used, its characteristics and even shared the adhesive manufacturer. Prior to this moment, I had driven past thousands of stop signs and only saw red, white and the word stop.  What I would typically see prior to this event was of course adequate.  But who wants to be adequate when you can be great!

What my brother shared provided me with a deeper understanding of signs and adhesives. It opened up a room in my mind that would have been otherwise untapped.  This is the essence of how diversity thrives inside of Intel. The diverse individual experiences enrich what we see, innovate what we design, and challenge us to look at things from unique perspectives. We walk away collectively having learned more and with stronger outcomes than we each individually bring to the discussion.  Diversity is the one thing we all have in common and at Intel, it is much of the magic behind our successes. 

Annually,  the Arizona site formally celebrates our diversity efforts with an award event.  This month, we honored 16 leaders, 13 employee groups and Veena Mahesh was the recipient of our prized AZ Lifetime Achievement Award.   Congratulations to all of the diversity leaders.  Malcolm Forbes once said, “diversity is the art of thinking independently together.”  It is indeed and is also the glue that weaves innovation together at Intel.

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  1. Reuben Miller says:

    Barbara, this was my second time attending this event. You’re right that diversity is deeper than the things we see on the surface. It’s not only about diverse experiences that we take from an event, but also diverse experiences we bring to Intel. That is also what I appreciate about Intel because that’s how I truly grow and learn.

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