SRI in the Rockies: What does ‘extreme transparency’ look like?

The annual SRI in the Rockies conferenceisn’t always held in the Rockies, as it has migrated to Tucson, and San Antonio in recent years. But this year they’ve crossed the Mississippi and landed the event in New Orleans (very happy that I was able to get in a quick tour of French quarter and the requisite beignet and cup of coffee before the conference kicked off…. 😉

Intel has sponsored this conference for over a decade now, and it’s a forum that we attend to learn about the most recent trends among socially responsible investors and emerging expectations for companies. The conference agenda spans a range of sustainability issues – from the discussion on the water-energy nexus I’m attending right now, to a session on conflict minerals in the supply chain coming up next. Will also be spending a lot of time in sessions looking at how investors are trying to better integrate environmental, social and governance data into their analysis of companies.

We also attend to have discussions to get feedback on our performance and our reporting. This year, we’re sharing a new web site called Explore Intel we’re piloting at our New Mexico site which features real time reporting from our factories.


Intel has a long history of transparency and reporting, publishing our first voluntary environmental report in 1994 and also have a strong commitment to proactive stakeholder engagement at the local community level. In 2010, we launched a new pilot web site to take our transparency and community engagement practices to the next level. The web site features real-time reporting from our New Mexico factory site, including live web cams, environmental data, and videos on key topics such as emissions controls and water conservation from our senior leaders and environmental managers to help the local community have access to real-time information for our manufacturing facility. We’re excited about the new site since it takes our long history of transparency to the next level and hopefully can also help other companies to provide data to their own local stakeholders.






So, please take a tour of the new site and let us know what you think to help us shape the site going forward. For those of you at the SRI in the Conference, we invite you to post your comments on this blog as well and share your feedback.

For ongoing updates from the conference over the next two days, track hashtag #SRIR11 on Twitter.

2 Responses to SRI in the Rockies: What does ‘extreme transparency’ look like?

  1. Veronica Cavallaro says:

    Suzanne- That is a very cool idea! Have you had any feedback on your New Mexico site?

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thanks, Veronica! We have had some very good feedback and questions so far at the site. We think it could have potential for use by other companies and at some of our other sites as well.

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