Are You a “Master of Curiosity?”

The Oxford World Dictionary defines curiosity as “a strong desire to know or learn something”, and this quality is important to growing both education and CSR.

I’m inviting you to take some time out of your busy work life and learn something new. Test your skills with the new “Master of Curiosity” game launched on Facebook. The game aligns with topics on the Discovery Channel’s new Curiosity television series sponsored by Intel. The first game tests your trivia knowledge of the Titanic. Future games will test your knowledge of parallel universes and discovering what lies beneath America – literally. A new game will be posted weekly for the next 12 weeks. How well can you do?

And, if you’re really curious, check out the show’s website to find out the answers to some of people’s most puzzling questions. If you’re a student, teacher or parent there’s also a special place for you to investigate.

As someone directly involved in the development of the game, I hope you find it fun, challenging and a way to share what drives your curiosity with your friends.

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