Bite-Sized CSR: Smaller, Lighter, Better… Trays?

This is the second post in our “Bite-sized CSR” blog series surrounding our 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, where we’ll pull out little snippets and case studies from across the 100+ pages of our new report.

Last week we talked about how we’ve reduced our environmental impact through Green Events. Another, albeit, less glamorous (but no less interesting!) area in which we’ve been able to reduce our environmental impact and save money is in product packaging.


By redesigning and recycling the trays we use to ship our product to customers, we’ve been able to reduce shipment weight, raw materials used, and overall cost of the packaging program.

And now for the numbers: in 2010 alone, we were able to save 217 tons of packaging materials through these projects. We’ve also estimated about $15 million in savings over the next three years due to these initiatives, plus additional savings in transportation costs due to the aforementioned decreased shipment weight. Projects like these make sense from both an environmental and financial standpoint, and, for someone with a background in consumer product packaging, like myself, this is truly exciting stuff.

More information about our environmental initiatives is available online in our 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report at

Linda Qian

About Linda Qian

Linda focuses on CSR communications both internally and externally with Intel's global Corporate Responsibility Office. She graduated in December 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Resource Studies from the UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources. Follow Linda on Twitter at @lindalqian and @Intelinvolved. She is also active on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Instagram.

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