Why I am in!

I recently celebrated my 10th anniversary working for Intel and I feel as energetic and proud of been part of this organization as at the beginning of my journey at Intel.

Why? Because I have found a place that not only cares for me and empowers me to balance my work/life, my development and has put my strengths into action but also cares about how to do business: caring for the planet and the communities (wherever they are). Not only do I understand our vision and strategic objectives but I feel I’m part of them.

Volunteering have been taking a relevant role on how to positively impact our communities worldwide: from guarding sea turtles in Mexico to deploying a regional Privacy on line campaign starting in Argentina. Latin America was the 2010 leader of all the Intel regions in volunteer, reaching a 61% participation rate. This makes us not only proud but satisfied to see how people really believe that a positive change can start by using their individual power to do it.

Costa Rica Volunteers.JPGMy favorite example in Costa Rica is the alliance with other companies in the mega event coordinated with ALIARSE foundation. Last December to celebrate the international volunteer day, we worked with a fairly big children home where every company used their strengths to help them: from providing classes to the staff to painting and playing with the children. More than 200 volunteers from 8 different organizations giving time, energy and resources to improve this home felt like a big party where everyone had a clear main objective, give a hand to the most vulnerable population and celebrate this special day by acting upon it.

The year is just starting and it is the perfect time to add volunteering activities in your goals. Are you in?

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