Sponsors of Tomorrow™: Students of today

How is Intel motivating and encouraging students to pursue careers in technology

This post is from Andrew Riha from our Europe CSR team.

RCGTech.jpgThe floor in London’s Heathrow airport gives a good vantage point from which to observe and understand peoples’ vast range of reactions to technology. Ranging from disappointment and anger at the television screens showing the latest cancellations — to the families filled with joy and happiness after seeing their loved ones through a video call, even if only through a 10 inch screen. As I saw this, I realized that our slogan “Sponsors of Tomorrow™” rings truer than ever and I started to think about how all this is possible.

While many of you reading this may be far away from London, or that matter an airport, chances are that you are using a product designed, created and manufactured by Intel. Of course, products just don’t create themselves, and to do that we have more than 78,000 employees worldwide who work hard every day to keep you connected, informed and entertained. We don’t just make hardware! In fact, we help with every part of the user experience. To further our goal of creating the best possible user experience, and our commitment to Eastern Europe, we recently opened a software development center in Romania. This software development center will focus on software solutions on Intel architecture based devices.

Intel’s Mark Harris from the Corporate Affairs group was on hand to talk to university students in Bucharest, Romania. With over 100 students in attendance, the event allowed students and professors to learn about Intel, what we do, and how they can be a part of our future. With the opening of the software development center, exciting potential exists for students to be directly impacted and this event encouraged them to further their studies in the field.

From our RCG (Recent College Grads), to our manufacturing employees, we value every employee and their contributions. Our employees come from all over the world and from every walk of life and they are the true “Sponsors of Tomorrow™”.

To learn more, visit our Jobs@Intel blog, watch videos of our innovators and view a “day in the life” of a few of our employees and RCG hires including Erin, Rouz, Karin, Lauren, Hank and Neil.

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