HR, CSR and George Clooney

HR, CSR and Clooney. Whoever would have thought these three words could go together in a sentence? Yet, for me, they actually do belong together, because somehow the film “Up in the Air” starring George Clooney got me thinking about CSR and how human resources (HR) is changing…

No longer seen as a standalone personnel function, HR is now rightfully perceived as a key business function and “strategic partner”. Today, HR staffs are intricately involved in the business of the organization.

In step with this trend, Nirit Cohen, Intel Israel HR Manager, and I had the opportunity to contribute to a fascinating book entitled, CSR for HR: A Necessary Partnership for Advancing Responsible Business Practices by Elaine Cohen. This book deals with a very hot topic and it is literally hot off the presses.

Cohen describes her book as both a wake-up call and a toolkit; essential reading for managers in both HR and CSR. “HR professionals must wake up to CSR and start learning how to do things differently. It is my expectation that, once they do, they will materially affect business results in a more positive way, and reap personal and professional benefits, catapulting the HR function, perhaps for the first time, into one that all businesses understand is necessary for them to thrive through the long term and fulfill their overarching responsibilities.”

What movies (and books) are made of

Cohen interviewed Nirit about our HR/CSR philosophy. “My aim is that every employee at Intel Israel can honestly say: I believe in the company, I belong to the Intel team and I matter to the company and its success” said Nirit . Good example is the “Gradual Return from MLOA” program. It all started when we noticed women working in our manufacturing operation were not returning to their jobs at the end of their maternity leave. After discussing with mothers the reasons for their leaving Intel, we decided to offer mothers the opportunity to return to work gradually, rather than all at once. The Gradual Return from MLOA program allows mothers in the first year after giving birth to work part time. For the first three months after their maternity leave ends, mothers can work a 25%-time position and then for the next six months they can work at 50% of full time. Only at the end of one year do the mothers have to return to full time work.

This is an excellent example of Intel HR policies that go beyond national labor regulations. This program is also a good example of CSR in the workforce – it promotes diversity and a work environment that enables women to flourish. A win-win situation for both employees and the employer… And for families, too.

Now back to George Clooney…

Clooney’s character Ryan Bingham’s journey in “Up in the Air” teaches us the importance of relationships and finding a balance between work and personal life. Intel’s HR and CSR philosophy and programs such as Gradual Return from MLOA are supporting employees in their own personal journey.

3 Responses to HR, CSR and George Clooney

  1. elaine cohen says:

    Revital, thanks for this great post about CSR for HR! I loved “Up in the Air” with George Clooney.. a great movie! And funnily enough, the storyline of CSR for HR starts out “up in the air” when two HR managers meet and start their conversation about CSR.
    Thanks so much for your post. It is clear that Intel certainly understands and practices CSR for HR .
    Warm regards, elaine

  2. Dave says:

    Great to see a couple of my 2 fav. folks in Israel driving CSR. Too bad none of my Campbell examples made it into that great book Elaine! I just presented on CSR and HR today at Temple University and told everyone to go read your book.

  3. elaine cohen says:

    thanks Dave ! Your legacy at Intel made it into the first book. Campbell’s will be the star of the second book which I start writing next month 🙂