Daily Archives: November 9, 2010

Tech Entrepreneurship is “hot” in Latin America

In the past the Latin America region was mostly associated to very friendly people, tropical dance music, colorful cities and of course, to a number of issues and challenges around economic and social matters. Rarely this region was seen as … Read more >

Profile: Fernando Martínez

With 16 years of experience in the IT Industry, Fernando Martínez is the Education Manager at Intel Mexico. As part of his duties, Fernando carries out efforts of Corporate Social Responsibility focused on the education sector, including professional development programs … Read more >

Can a company from the country with the third largest number of Facebook users in 2009 become a success story?

Iletken Technologies (Iletken) of Turkey will participate to 2010 Intel+UC Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge (IBTEC) as the third team from the Intel Challenge Europe competition. Iletken develops technology that helps businesses recommend the right content for right users. Iletken’s behavioral … Read more >