What do I love most about working at Intel? Conference calls at 10:00 pm at night.

globe.jpgOk, not really. But those calls are directly related to my favorite thing about my job – the opportunity to work day in and day out with incredibly smart people all around the world. As a global organization, we try to do our best to spread the love (or the pain) of late night or early morning calls for our colleagues in different countries. So after I’ve put my dishes away from dinner or have gotten myself up at an ungodly hour in the morning, I call in for our meetings on different CSR topics and discussions. These can range from CSR strategic planning sessions, to talking about supply chain responsibility efforts, to education and entrepreneurship programs. My coworkers might make fun of me on this, but I actually do love the part of the call when all of the beeps keep coming announcing new people joining – people announce that they’ve joined – from China, from Costa Rica, from Germany, from Israel, from Vietnam. It sometimes still amazes me how technology allows us to work together across time zones and continents.

I guess I’ve always been drawn to global issues and people and cultures. Growing up, my father worked for an international company and traveled for work often to Latin America. I swear I was the only first grader in my class who could find Ecuador on a map. In college, I studied international relations and studied abroad in Chile. In my first job out of college I worked in the global research department of a financial services company, with research analysts who spoke more languages than I could count (and I actually was fortunate to catch up with some of them last week when I presented at the International Corporate Governance Network conference last week – will post more on that event later). In business school, having 30% of my class be international students was incredibly valuable to our discussions. I’ve always appreciated this global perspective, the sharing of what works best in the local context, and richness of different cultures – and I feel fortunate to get to have this as part of my job here at Intel.

It’s this perspective that we are also tapping into to continue to improve our CSR reporting. Our global team helps us in the collection of data and review of our global report each year, and then they also take the final version of the report and localize it to use in their stakeholder engagement processes. In the coming weeks you’ll hear directly from some of my colleagues about their approach to local CSR reports and highlights from their work around the world. How they use the Global Reporting Initiative, how they benchmark with other companies in their countries, how they reach out to local stakeholders to get feedback on our priorities and performance. First up tomorrow is my colleague Revital Bitan from Israel, someone who has championed CSR reporting not only in her home country, but has helped us evolve our thinking around the global localization strategy over the years. Check out her post tomorrow and view the localized reports here as they are available. We would also be interested in hearing from others about their CSR report localization experiences and best practices from around the globe-so feel free to share those thoughts here as well.

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