Intel Celebrates 10 Years of Support for the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network

Yesterday evening the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network Teen Summit kicked off at Northeastern University. For those of you who don’t know, the Teen Summit is a bi-annual conference held in Boston, the location of the flagship Computer Clubhouse.

Tues_BostonCH-web.jpgThe Teen Summit provides an opportunity for Clubhouse coordinators and members to come together for an exciting, fun-filled week of developing new skills, exploring ideas, problem solving and building confidence through technology. This year’s theme is Mobilize, Act, Inspire. Youth are asked to collaborate on projects to address socially conscious challenges such as reducing urban violence and improving the environment. The youth will utilize technology in a variety of workshops throughout the week and showcase their finished projects on Sunday, Aug 1, in a project fair open to the public.

This year marks Intel’s 10 year anniversary of support for the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network (ICCN). ICCN consists of 100 Clubhouses, in over 20 countries, serving over 25,000 youth annually. I was excited to hear that 350 attendees representing ~84 of the 100 Clubhouses are in attendance this week for the Teen Summit, making this the biggest Teen Summit ever!


Gail Breslow, ICCN Director, gave a brief welcome and interactive roll-call to the crowd yesterday evening. Members stood up and cheered when their country was called. She also thanked Intel for its generous support and announced the celebration of Intel’s 10 Year anniversary of support for the network during the Teen Summit. Monique Hayward spoke on behalf of Intel, sharing a brief history of Intel becoming the title sponsor of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network and expanding the network to 100 Clubhouses. She also congratulated the Clubhouse coordinators and staff on the amazing work that they do daily, which changes lives and greatly impacts the community. Lastly, she gave a call to action to the youth attending the conference to embrace the theme and do GREAT things this week.

Tues_Ruby-web.jpgAfter everyone was fired up for the week, the crowd proceeded down the hall to the Project Extravaganza. In preparation for the Teen Summit, each Computer Clubhouse was asked to bring projects from their local Clubhouse to share with fellow Clubhouse members. The Northeastern hall was filled with music, digital art, videos, short films, 3D modeling, Scratch projects, and, of course, lots of energy and excitement.

A great start to a wonderful week…Stay tuned…

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