Integrating CSR into your business

I have been working with our internal supply chain organization for many years on CSR related issues – but it was just recently that I attended my first “Intel Supplier Day”. Supplier Day is an annual Intel conference (there was one in Japan and one in California) where we bring in our top suppliers from around the world to discuss our business plans and our expectations. It’s a pretty common practice in industry; however, this conference sounded much more like a corporate responsibility conference. I could not believe the number of presentations from our executives, Intel booths, and panel presentations that were focused on CSR, or what our supply chain group is calling: (ESG) Environmental, Social and Governance. Don’t take my word for it; check out what Kevin O’Marah, VP AMR research wrote on his blog about Intel’s Supplier Day. If all the groups at Intel integrate ESG into their business like our supply chain organization, I will have to look for a new job – but maybe that’s what success looks like.

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