VOTE in the Education Challenge

Intel and the Wall Street Journal have sponsored a contest called the Education Challenge, where people have provided their perspectives on what can be done to improve students’ engagement with science and math curriculum in the U.S. Five finalists have been selected from hundreds around the country who provided ideas. The winner receives 5K. And YOU can become a key player in solving America’s education challenge by casting your vote here on which finalist came up the best idea.

According to the Education Challenge website “The United States lags significantly behind two dozen other advanced nations in educational performance in science and math.” Shelly Esque, Intel’s VP of Legal and Corporate Affairs, says that every year Intel invests over $100 million dollars world wide to help improve education standards. “As our nation focuses on rebuilding the economy, Educators, Business leaders, governments, and parents must come together to improve education in America,” said Esque. The WSJ Challenge offers an opportunity for us all to ponder the finalists’ perspectives and create awareness about why the United States lags in the critical curriculum areas of science and math. Awareness is the first step in making a difference.

Take a closer look at what the Challenge is about…

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