What does CSR success look like? Check out Intel’s IT department…

Here’s a great example of what I mean when I talk about successes in Intel’s ongoing strategy to “embed CSR more deeply into the business.” Over the past year, Intel’s IT departmentr has embraced and taken ownership of driving sustainability into their organization and identifying ways that their group can help Intel achieve our corporate-wide sustainability goals.

They’ve just launched the first of a series of videos – Making IT Real – which features Intel employee Mike Breton who’s been working (at home and in his role at Intel) to identify ways to reduce energy use through the application of IT. Mike’s been blogging about his work as well on the IT@Intel site.

Our IT group has posted some recent whitepapers as well, “Building a long-term strategy for IT sustainability” and “Establishing baseline measurements and a roadmap for IT sustainability” – which share our experiences in measuring the impact of our initiatives, and hopefully help our customers and other companies looking to reduce their energy use and drive change through their IT organizations as well.

For more background, see video of Diane Bryant, VP and CIO – on the tie between the sustainability initiatives of her organization and the connection to business value.

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