IESC: My last days in Quang Tri

From Thi Kim Ly, a volunteer at Intel:

Time is flying quickly, just a blink of an eye and here we are; on the last day of training in Quang Tri. We’re all set to conduct the last training session to teachers for their reference, and for these teachers to train the students in turn. We gather all the sessions and passdown to them all today.

Teaching a bunch of hyperactive students isn’t easy, and teaching the teachers will be more difficult, so each of our volunteer group members will need to get together again the night before for our own session’s final review, in time for our training. We’ll try our best to deliver the training to both students and teachers as much as we can; there’s so much more to teach them but time does not permit – although we will still cover all the main parts and sessions, we’re hoping that the teachers together with their students will do their best to sustain the learning spirit.


Mr. Dai – Director of the Orphan & Mr. Dang – Director of Quang Tri Social & Labor Affairs – thanked us and our partner NGO Orphans Overseas for the training to the students & teachers. They appreciated us for not only coming over here to teach, but also to play and share with the kids to believe in life and to contribute back to society.

Thanks to Tad – Director of Orphans Overseas & Chu – Director of ‘Support Center for Development of Children’, they have done a great job to make this happen. For all of last week, they were here supporting us, orienting us with local facilities and helped us set up the programs and arrange the meeting w/ local Director of Social & Labor Affairs to make all this work smoothly.

This training trip is a pilot for the long term IESC project, we hope that all the teachers and students will continue to develop their skills and increase their knowledge by continuously practicing what we have been training them. We all wish the kids health, happiness. They are fast learners and they deserve to have a well-rounded education to be able to integrate with society later when they grow up.

The whole trip in Quang Tri has been an emotional one for me, knowing we aren’t here for long. But we are all here together now, and we work and support each other with all our enthusiasm to make this program work successfully. Here’s to our next volunteer assignment in HCMC, Tu Suong Center…can’t wait to see you all again there, NGO team. Let’s make it happen again…

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