Pssst… $50K in advertising for your favorite non-profit. Pass it on

One of the things that I love about working at Intel is the support and encouragement provided for employees to volunteer at local schools and non-profits. Truth be told, I would probably volunteer regardless of the support I get from Intel, but I have to say that the flexibility I’m afforded in my schedule to sometimes volunteer during work hours and the fact that all of my hours are matched with dollars from the Intel Foundation, makes it a whole lot better.

VFACbadge.jpg So, with this support, I have been serving on the board of directors of a local non-profit organization Tempe Community Council, or TCC. TCC manages programs and provides support to non-profit agencies to meet social service needs in the community, from food banks to transitional housing programs to domestic violence shelters. I am so proud of this organization and the work that it does to connect people who care with people in need, which these days is hard to wrap my head around. I’m always on the look-out for other ways to channel my support to TCC where I can. Earlier this year, I ran (ok well, partly ran, partly limped) a half marathon to raise money to help fundraise. Intel’s new Vote for a Cause campaign gave me another potential way to help provide visibility and support for my favorite non-profit (and a way that is much easier on my knees…).

So, do you regularly volunteer with a non-profit organization? If so, why not “donate” a few more minutes and fill out a form to nominate them to possibly win $50K in advertising support? The nomination process takes just a few minutes. Until Friday the 28th, you can go onto Facebook and nominate your own favorite U.S. based non-profit for a chance to win $50,000 in co-branded advertising from Intel. As of this morning, 506 causes have been nominated.

Once the nomination period closes, the top vote-getters will enter the voting rounds, starting with 32, then 16, then 8, then 4, then just 2 – until they get to a winner at the end of September. But even though there will be only one “winner”, the other nominated non-profits will hopefully get extra visibility with other potential donors or volunteers out there in the community. So click here to get your nomination in before the deadline on Friday. Then come back and participate when the voting process kicks off on the 29th.

4 Responses to Pssst… $50K in advertising for your favorite non-profit. Pass it on

  1. Theresa says:

    Thank you for providing this opportunity! I am co-founder of a grassroots non-profit & we are very excited to be able to participate. It has challenged us to really utilize social networking channels to get exposure to more people, tell our story & share our passion to support those affected by autism. So with that we are already winners in your contest & the prize of actually winning the competition – icing on the cake :). Thanks again!!
    Theresa Gustafson/ANSWER

  2. CANDISS says:

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