Shaking Up CSR with Technology

TED.jpgI came across a couple of interesting technology devices that continue to demonstrate how technology has the potential to shake up life in the sustainability and CSR space. The first device came to my attention while I was reading an interesting blog post by Matthew Rochte. Matthew was commenting how a device in development at MIT Labs could radically change how consumers interact with products, and how this interaction would challenge our current notions of CSR. The device he was referring to was demonstrated by Pattie Maes of MIT .

The second device which was recently demonstrated at Intel’s Research@Intel Day 2009 is a mobile device being developed by Intel Labs and UC Berkeley. The device has the potential to turn your local residents into mobile air quality monitoring stations. What would be the potential impact to air quality data with thousands of real time sensors running around your industrial park complex? You can see a YouTube video of the device hereAQ Sensor.jpg.

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