Did I Hear Glass Breaking?

Intel is an innovative technology company – and as such – Intel is constantly going through change. One change that happened recently, which has not received much attention – but none the less is still significant – is Intel’s new chairman of the board. Our new chairman, Jane E. Shaw is a woman – and an independent director. This represents a significant milestone for board diversity. I don’t know too many Fortune 100 Companies, if any, that have an independent, female, Chairman of the Board. In fact, over 60% of Fortune 500 companies don’t have ANY females on their board.


The Securities and Exchange Commission is also interested in board diversity. In a proposed rule, the SEC is, “interested in understanding whether investors and other market participants believe that diversity in the boardroom is a significant issue”. You can provide comments to the SEC on this topic, and my guess there will be a lot of passion and interest on this issue.

5 Responses to Did I Hear Glass Breaking?

  1. elaine cohen says:

    Well done once again to Intel and good luck to Jane Shaw. I am sure she will contribute to even GREATER Intel performance ! :)) But dont you think it’s time to call your new head a ChairWOMAN ?

  2. Gary Niekerk says:

    Good point. CEO, SVP and VP all don’t have “man” as a root word in their titles.

  3. Darin Schmidt says:

    ummm, why do things always lead to this. “the battle of the sex’s” Who cares whether its a man or woman. As long as the person knows wtf they are doing, either are entitled to the position. its abotu the mind, not sex.