My Hot Dog Stand

I had a dream last night – that I quit my job in the “corporate world” and I opened up a hot dog stand downtown. My first customer approached and I was excited with the anticipation of my first sale; however, the customer didn’t want to read my menu he only wanted to read my business code of conduct. My next customer didn’t buy a dog either but wanted to know if the animals used for my hot dogs were hormone-free; and did I do audits of my supply chain. My third customer wanted to know the carbon footprint of my hot dog oven – finally my alarm went off and I woke up and went to work. Maybe running a hot dog stand is not as simple as I thought (?)

One Response to My Hot Dog Stand

  1. Paul Herman says:

    Did anyone ask for sausages made of chicken, turkey or tofu or plain old veggie (tomato-spinach)? Or if your “hot” dog could be cooler with climate change? Hope you enjoy the weekend Gary!

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