Sponsors of Tomorrow

I’m here in Toronto, getting ready to head over to participate in a panel discussion at the Empire Club of Canada on the topic of corporate social responsibility and the impact that social media is having on CSR communications and reporting. The topic-which didn’t even exist just a few years ago-struck me as just another example of the dramatic changes that are occurring even in the field of CSR because of technology. Changes that, as will be highlighted in our biggest advertising campaign in years, were made possible by Intel silicon.

On Monday, Intel will launch our new Sponsors of Tomorrow campaign, which looks at the role that Intel plays in changing the way we all live and work. Most importantly in my opinion, is that it celebrates the minds and creativity of the people here who make that innovation possible every day. I still remember when I started here at Intel and being taken aback when these engineers would literally walk into me in the hallways/elevators as if they didn’t see me. I imagined that they were busy concentrating on designing the next chip in their heads on the way to get their morning coffee. But really, I am continually amazed and proud by what my co-workers here continue to make possible – a sentiment that is amusingly captured in the new “Intel star” ad that will begin running next week. Take a sneak peak and tell us what you think.

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  1. I like how you state you are so innovative. Its so discouraging to see the big bad Intel constantly stomp down on AMD. You are monopolistic losers. I would actually consider using Intel processors if you actually competed fairly with AMD.

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