ISEF Day 1: ISEF’ers Tackle World Health Issues

Today is Day 1 of the Intel International Science Engineering Fair here in Reno NV. There is an incredible array of projects and so much to see on the show floor it’s pretty overwhelming!

As I mentioned in an earlier post there are over 1200 projects ranging from healthcare to robotics with lots of inventions and environmental projects in-between. In light of the recent Swine Flu scare, I found some really interesting and timely projects today including Nolen Kamitaki’s project called “Programming the Spread of Infectious Diseases within a Partially Stochastic Multiple-City Simulation.” (Don’t ask me what that means).

After the Bird Flu scare a few years back Nolan, from Hilo Hawaii wanted to see how quickly virus’ or bacteria could spread across the globe and possibly find a way to slow them down.

Keep up with the action from the show floor at the International Science and Engineering at!

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