Wanted: Ideas for Energy Efficient Data Centers

As I mentioned in my blog last week, there are many ways for people to get involved in helping create a more sustainable future. My family and I had a great time “powering down” during worldwide Earth Hour last Saturday night. We turned off (and unplugged) the TV and cable box, turned off all the lights in our home, and played the game “charades” by candle light. We also talked about how important it is to conserve energy, every day, every hour – and how the sum of many small actions can make a big difference. Comment below if you want to share how you spent Earth Hour!

Intel has created an opportunity for IT professionals to get involved in creating a lower carbon future, by sharing their best ideas on how to conserve energy in Data Centers: the Data Center Efficiency Challenge. We announced this video contest earlier this week, coincident with the launch of the new Intel® Xeon® 5500 Processor Series. For more details, check out the contest’s Facebook page.

Are you a college student? Reminder, there are just 2 weeks left to enter the Power Down for The Planet video contest, hosted by Climate Savers.

Good luck to all you eco-minded college students and IT professionals, we look forward to seeing your great ideas on video!

2 Responses to Wanted: Ideas for Energy Efficient Data Centers

  1. Greg Schulz says:

    Disclosure: This includes shameless plug
    In my new book, “The Green and Virtual Data Center” (CRC) in addition to discussing the various green issues from power, cooling, EH&S, recycling, e-waste, carbon offsets, emissions and so forth facing IT data centers, I also layout various approaches and solutions for addressing those and other issues.
    The book also discusses the other green, which are the economic and business sustainability aspects of doing more in a smaller footprint while being more productive. For example, shifting from energy avoidance as a tactical step to energy efficiency getting more work done faster with less power and cooling when needed, then, using intelligent power management and other techniques conserve energy without negatively impacting quality of service during other periods.
    Some of the topics converged include servers, storage, networks, facilities, hardware, virtualization, software as well as infrastructure resource management (IRM) processes, procedures and best practices to enable an optimized and efficient environment.
    Learn more at http://www.thegreenandvirtualdatacenter.com or in my blog at http://www.storageioblog.com
    Cheers – gs
    Greg Schulz – Author the Green and Virtual Data Center (CRC)

  2. Chad says:

    I dont’ have a video for this, but something keeps ringing in my mind…
    Why doesn’t Intel go vertical with data center greening? (ie: a spinoff, or whatever?)
    1 — Nehalem — (cost recovered within 8mo)
    2 — SSD — (1/5th power at 115x the performance) 3 — Air Economizer — (67% power reduction) – http://tinyurl.com/3lffsf
    Those 3 together I’m guessing, if a package was created and sold together, they would (together) save hundreds or even thousands of megawatts per year (obviously depending upon size of the datacenter), and the corresponding value to the bottom line.
    I think Intel should get together with Google, Yahoo and/or Microsoft and make a package of it…and see how much they could save and lead a revolution for the industry.
    Just my .02