Thanks to Intel employees, the check IS in the mail

Intel employees have earned more than $4 million dollars for 1,400 non profits and non-governmental agencies through the Intel Foundation’s matching grant program.

For more than a decade, Intel has had a program under which schools can receive grants from the Intel Foundation based on the number of hours an Intel employee volunteers at the school. In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Intel expanded the program in 2008 to provide volunteer grants to a wide range of non profits and non-governmental organizations. The result – an outpouring of volunteerism and an extra $4 million to 1,400 organizations around the globe which have never received a volunteer matching grant from Intel. While the Intel Foundation is typically focused on matching donations for education, by expanding the program employees can generate grants at almost all qualifying organizations where they choose to volunteer — shelters for abandoned animals, youth sports leagues, arts and cultural events, social service programs, etc.

By including non profits along with schools, Intel allows employees to give twice – through their volunteer efforts following their passion and through the matching grants from the Intel Foundation.

I believe this money and the efforts of our employees are more significant than ever because of the current economic environment.

3 Responses to Thanks to Intel employees, the check IS in the mail

  1. Agent X. says:

    “abandoned animals” – may be better try to invest in people of Africa or China with “one laptop per child” initiatives…. Abandoned animals don’t use Intel’s equipment ))

  2. Mahmoud Abdelaal says:

    Thanks to Intel Education initiative , We have provided teachers all over the Middle East with professional courses to improve their teaching skills. Thank you Shelly for sharing this post. I hope I read more posts form you in the future.