one step in some mighty big shoes

I remember sitting in my cubicle and hearing about the Small Things Challenge launched by Intel Chairman Craig Barrett. I thought, “hmm, that’s neat”. 2 weeks later, I was sitting in my cubicle reading the announcement of our Chairman’s retirement and I sank in my seat. It felt like the end of a legacy.

I have been working in Intel’s Emerging Markets Plaform Group (think: Intel-powered classmate PC) for the past 3 years and have seen the amazing possibilities and opportunities created by Craig Barrett. I was saddened and a little bit distraught wondering what we would do.

A little light bulb went off yesterday — the Small Things Challenge and Barrett’s retirement are not unconnected. The Small Things Challenge is an opportunity for me, my colleagues, for you, your friends and family, for everyone to contribute to education and economic development the way Craig Barrett has — yes, we have some mighty big shoes to fill, but we are being given the great challenge and OPPORTUNITY to fill those shoes.

Get involved – take the challenge – join the solution. Click at and Intel will donate 25¢ towards education and economic opportunity for all. WOW.

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