Inspiring Innovation — Step Up to the Intel Challenge

This video has the “stuff” we don’t always hear of see at an Intel Developer Forum keynote. Sure Intel Chairman Craig Barrett talked about WiMAX, Digital Health and how technology is spreading across the globe. But that “stuff” was overshadowed by Dr. Barrett’s passion for inspiring innovation, especially in improving education, healthcare, economic development and the environment.

Intel Corporation Chairman Craig Barrett - IDF SF 2008

In fact, he put $ where his passion is when he kicked off Inspire-Empower contest calling for the best technology solutions to address these four areas. The contest will award seed funding of $100,000 USD to one winner in each category.

So step up to the challenge from wherever you are.

The contest is part of Intel World Ahead, which you can also follow on Facebook.

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  1. Saqib Ali says:

    This is a slightly off-topic.
    On the 2nd day of IDF, there was very interesting Chalk Talk session titled “Managing Innovation” at 1:40 PM.
    Does anyone who was the speaker for that session?

  2. Hello Saqib,
    Here is a list of the panelists for the “Managing Innovation” Chalk Talk:

    Maria Bezaitis, PhD , Director, People and Practices Research Group, Intel Corporation
    Martin Curley , Senior Principal Engineer and Director of IT Innovation, Intel Corporation
    Abram Detofsky , R&D Engineer, Intel Corporation
    Wendy March , Senior Designer – Intel Research, Intel Corporation
    Gregg Wyant , Chief Architect, General Manager, Director of Strategy, Architecture, and Innovation Intel IT, Intel Corporation

  3. Saqib Ali says:

    Hi Annie,
    Do you have the audio/presentation from the “Managing Innovation”ChalkTalk session?
    One of the panelist (Gregg Wyant, I think) talked about how Intel’s internal IT dept is using some Web 2.0 tools to provide self-support to the internal users.
    Do you have more information about that? Were these tools developed in-house or were they purchased? Any other information about the usability and success of these self-support innovations would be helpful.

  4. Saqib Ali says:

    Hi Laurie,
    Do you have more information on the cost-savings achieved by moving to a Web 2.0 powered self-support IT Helpdesk? Gregg Wyant touched this subject very briefly in the ChalkTalk at IDF but did not go into details.

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