Eliminating PC power waste!


Last week, I participated in the launch of Verdiem’s new Edison power management tool as the President of Climate Savers Computing. Edison is a free software utility that consumers can download making it very very simple to adjust your PC’s power management settings and track the energy you are saving as a result.

Intel has been including the ability for our processors to adjust their power consumption down during light workloads since 1991. But we often see statistics that 90% of desktop computers have the function disabled. My co-chair in Climate Savers Computing, Bill Weihl from Google, likens it to buying a Prius and disabling the power-from-battery function. That’s why Edison is exciting. One of the reasons that consumers don’t have power management enabled is because they don’t know how. This tool makes it dead simple. It wasn’t the subject of Wednesday’s launch, but Intel and Verdiem have been working together on client energy management for some time. Verdiem has a product called Surveyor that is designed for a corporate environment and its capabilities are very complimentary to the hardware based management capabilities enabled through Intel vPro technology. In fact their recently released 5.0 version of Surveyor has been enabled to take advantage of the out of band management capabilities available with Intel vPro technology.

So now we have tools that help eliminate PC energy waste for both home and corporate users. Please help Climate Savers Computing, Verdiem and Intel get the word out!

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