Lame Name but Ahead of the Game

Our CSR blog received high marks from Michael Sebastian at in his post entitled, “CSR blogs: How do they rate?

Michael did say our name [CSR@Intel] was lame, but what to you expect from a company the puts a billion circuits into something the size of your thumb? We tend to error on the side of directness and efficiency in our communications. I did try to jazz things up with the title of my blog post. Oh well, I guess we would rather hear that our blog content is, “smart and thoughtful” than we have a great name for our site. All in all, we were happy with the feedback.

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  1. KTE says:

    I read all Intel blogs whenever I can but due to its “hidden online” perception, shoved away in some less exciting online dungeon… often its once every 2-6 months or so and trust me, I’m one of the most oft readers you have too. The “unhidden” online content perception is given to those places online that are very easy (fast/minimal clicking) to access everytime one logs on and where a frontpage is setup and arranged intuitively so one can land on it and know what each link means and leads to. Its about site structure. Gmail, Youtube, Fudzilla and so on are places fast and easily accessible and comprehendable (deciphering) by people of all ages whenever one lands on their front page – once you land there, you know which click leads where and how to find anything you’re after (search) according to basic “cues” we’ve built up from online experiences which provide us this instinctual direction. You have all the relevant “interesting” and useful info we will want to read aggregated neatly and accessibly into the same site area and such places is where onliners often gather and spend time.
    The second major obstacle is the various naming schemes (i.e. for blogs, titles are fine) are not intuitive and hence you are going to throw people off from visiting such a section of until they either desperately need to and/or have plenty of free time – with interest – some boring Sunday to do so. They are much too business orientated names and flavors whereas online bloggery and its readership is used far more for casual, relaxed, off-the-hook purposes than strict and formal. The second you give this latter perception, many will not come back and place the page on their favorites list.
    Lastly and somewhat meandering jointly with my last point; I maintain readership of around 10 ICT sites daily and another 213 bookmarked to read on and off per need or free browsing. All of them can be easily found linked around, loaded, navigated, searched and then exited at my own wishes and easily refound whenever I need. They all present information easy on the eyes in your casual home setting and with a vibrant background tone. I suggest you change the tinge of predominant dull grey you use along with the white/blue to something more mellow and cosy. The color gives an awfully stern, formal, greed-orientated-bloganda-project sort of feeling and that feeling, even if not true – a first reaction based on human impulse analysis of our surroundings within the first microsecond – is usually more than enough to lead people far away with a negative perception, as is done with “first instincts” in human social contexts, without even getting on to read. 🙂
    Additionally, re-emphasizing one of my main points – codenames alienate people from a subject and topic. They require further research and are not intuitive and simple to “get on with” the main task of reading a page content. Its fine when people need to use them for technicality basis but as a blog section title, its the last thing you want. The last time I browsed and posted on Intel blogs was around 4 months back and even I cannot remember any CSR section or what its basis and meaning is. Right now with the little to no time I have to search, I still don’t know – as a very experienced and above average webowledged netizen (think about the rest). The only time I do have is for first instincts and they would make it seem like some customer social orientated blog.. but then again it seems a bit corporation focused so you have me lost. I don’t have time today to find out, so its left. Just an example of what the majorities will be facing.
    My comments are lumped feedback for all Intel blog sections from careful analysis.
    Your blogosphere setup and structure has improved very well since my last visit. I can now navigate much easily and that means I will do it quicker and with increased frequency.
    General content is good and titles even better but… if you want attention and readership away or shared from those that have it at prime, you need to provide useful, critical, detailed and immediately applicable (affecting us) information to us customers who will find a relation to the content in our chats elsewhere and hence link it, i.e. what we are after. Online is all about hear/see anything -> spread -> spread -> soon its everywhere and commonly known.
    Thanks for your efforts overall. I was able to grab some much needed help from Gina at Intel (software) through here which I could not get anywhere else and which was making your whole online computing community frustrated and mad. For that reason, such blogs work a treat for us, and she is a lovely lady too. 😉
    Oh, and can you make this message box a little bigger? Its a pain to write some length into. A simple JS addon to click top-right which extends or shrinks the box size would work superb. Checking typos now is really tedious. :p


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