Happy Birthday Intel!

Today’s Intel’s 40th anniversary – and to celebrate, we created the World Mural Project in which youth around the world at more than 70 Intel Computer Clubhouses shared their vision on what computers will allow us to accomplish in the next 40 years. Intel employees volunteered over 1000 hours to help more than 500 young people in 21 countries on the project, a web-based digital mural that incorporates graphic design “tiles” from the different clubhouses into a single piece of digital art. Their creativity and views on technology are reflected in their wide range of responses to the question: “In 40 years, computers will empower us to…”

View the completed mural at: www.worldmuralproject.com. Hear more about the project and how Intel’s celebrating our anniversary through volunteerism from Shelly Esque, Intel’s Director of Global Corporate Citizenship.

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