Let the ISEF Games Begin!

This Mother’s Day, many high school students were on the road to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta. Today, the 1,500+students were unpacking and setting up their science projects while I geared up for my arrival on Monday afternoon.

After my bags were packed, I spent a few hours reading proud stories from regions around the world sending representatives to the competition. Here are some inspiring stories from:

Sri Lanka





Saudi Arabia

Then I found this…If you’re a parent like me, you might find some great science enlightening resources on the Women in Science blog.

At the event, I’m going to join students, teachers, judges to share my story about people who shined light on my education. Videos will be shared on the Intel Inspire site. You’re encouraged to create and upload your own story. Remember to take a glass jar from your left, tell your 45 second tale, put a penny in and pass the jar to the right.

Busy day…and week ahead. Here’s a look at the gear I’m brining to the show. Ready to get my game on! Follow our ISEF08 friends and join the TweetScan flow.

Geared to Go -- ISEF 2008

May 11, 2008. Moleskin notepad, Flip Video Ultra, Sony Vaio with Intel Centrino Duo technology, Sony HDV camera, two portable hard drives (320 and 120 MB) and in my hand a Canon SD600 still camera.

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