Monthly Archives: May 2008

Paying a visit to my professional roots

Next week I’ll be up in Minneapolis to deliver a few presentations at the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s annual conference. I think I’ve mentioned in this blog before that my path to CSR/Sustainability went through the areas of environmental engineering … Read more >

A Special Night for Intel: Willam O. Douglas Corporate Achievement Award

Every so often someone will tell me my job sounds glamorous – those people usually aren’t lawyers and rarely work for large corporations. The fact is that as General Counsel a lot of my time is spent dealing with a … Read more >

Intel and Grameen: Bringing technology to rural, impoverished communities through social business

Traveling the world it is not uncommon to see poverty and people living in conditions that are almost unimaginable. It is especially striking when you see young people with seemingly no hope to get an education that might allow them … Read more >