Two Questions

We don’t get too many comments to most of our posts, but I hope this one is a little different. I’m doing some personal “mapping” of the future and considering we have about 10K CSR stakeholders poking around this blog every month, I thought the readers might have some great input into a couple of questions.

I want your one line/bullet answer to the following two questions.

1 – Describe the state of CSR/Sustainability in 2012.

2 – What issue will be the next “Climate Change?”

To be honest…I have my own answers to both of these questions, but I find tremendous wisdom in the view of others. Take 2 minutes and comment on these questions. The entire CSR readership would value your inputs. Think of it as open source intelligence.

Thanks in advance!

3 Responses to Two Questions

  1. Mark Grimes says:

    1 – Still trying to find its bearings with regards to execution, measurement, impact and overall meshing with overarching corporate mission.
    2 – I strongly suspect the “next big thing” will be poverty, both local and global.
    FWIW, many of these problems are so interconnected and meshed together NPO’s, NGO’s, and CBO’s that focus on just one or two items will have a challenge helping facilitate real meaningful change. Health is related to education is related to poverty is related to human rights is related to genocide is related to…well, you see where I’m going.

  2. Dave Stangis says:

    I really agree with both of these comments on #1. I’m gathering some additional input from others and am finding that on #2, the responses point to different challeges in different geographies.